Best of Houzz 2017

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Lately, we’ve been able to proudly proclaim the pride we have in ourselves and what we do here at Silke multiple times. Not solely for an ego stroke at our own expense, but because our achievements have been officially recognised in a number of ways. Today, we write to inform you of another honour we have recently been granted for our services: we’ve received a Best Of Houzz Customer Service award for this years Best Of Houzz contest.

Houzz Inc. is one of the leading online platforms in the world of remodelling and design, providing a homeowner anything they would need to improve their homes. Whether it’s remodelling a small room, designing a custom home from the ground up, or anything in between, Houzz allows homeowners, designers- both amateur and professional- and home improvement specialists around the world to connect with one another in an easy, timely manner.

The Best Of Houzz contest is essentially an annual survey and analysis of the Houzz communities 35 million-strong monthly user base, to determine the top-rated business in three distinct categories: Design, Customer Support, and Photography. The Design category winner is based on the most popular design work among the user base; the Customer Service category winner is determined by the number of and quality of recent client reviews; and finally, the Photography category is determined by the architecture and design photographer’s work that proved most popular among the user base.

As mentioned above, our award was in the Customer Service category. We here at Silke take great pride in the service we provide for our clientele, from how easy and approachable we are to work with, to the perks we offer. Don’t think that by winning this award we plan to rest on our laurels, however; we worked hard to achieve this accolade, and we plan to continue working hard to uphold it going ahead.

Cosentino Elite Premium Showroom

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It feels like we’ve been starting off a number of our articles with “we at Silke are proud of many things” as of late. That can only be a good thing, mind; it means we’re adhering to our personal philosophy of providing top quality, ultra modern kitchens to the masses. And indeed, we have once again had our dedication to excellence officially recognised; we’ve been officially recognised as London’s sole Elite Premium Showroom!

We’ve covered Silestone before in these articles, but we’d be only too happy to give you a little refresher. Silestone is a product offered by Cosentino, and is a compound made up of 94% natural Quartz. It is primarily used in most kitchen settings- including the ones in our showroom and offered on our site- as a kitchen worktop, due to its extremely hardy and resilient nature. It’s easily the premium hardtop counter material on the market, although given it is highly resistant to scratch damage, stain damage, even heat damage, that’s to be expected.

Elite Premium ShowroomIn addition, Silestone worktops are non-porous surfaces, they come in a range of elegant colours, and they’re actively resistant to bacteria- the only Quartz worktops on the market to be so, at that. Add in the 10yr warranty guarantee, and it’s a no-brainer; this stuff is a must-have for your kitchen!

What does becoming an Elite Premium mean for us, and consequently, you as a customer? Well, as previously alluded to, it means that the worktops on view at our showroom are all Cosentino-made hardtop counters. In addition, having Elite Premium Showroom status means we are privy to all the latest styles and colours ahead of anyone else, on the high street or otherwise. Not just Silestone either, we also stock Dekton and Sensa giving a fully complete offering.

It’s a privilege we wear with pride; we were granted this prestigious honour by standing by our principals as quality kitchen wholesalers, and we intend to continue working hard and providing the service that earned us this status in the first place!

Siemens iQ Design Studio

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If you’ve followed Silke Kitchens since our inception, you know that we are proud of a number of things. We’re proud that we offer some of the highest quality, German style kitchens at very competitive prices; we’re proud of the fact that we work so closely with a number of top-of-the-line companies; one of the things we’re most proud of, however, is the fact that creating and designing your dream kitchen with us is so phenomenally easy. One of the things that makes that process so easy is that we’re registered as a Siemens iQ Design Studio.

We’ve touched on our partnership with Siemens before, but as a brief reminder: Siemens are a German company with a finger in almost every kind of manufacturing field you can imagine, from fire safety equipment to medical equipment, although naturally it’s their kitchen appliance division we’re most interested in. Our partnership extends not only to providing a number of their ultra modern kitchen appliances in our kitchen packages, but also by adopting their iQ Design Studio model.

So, what exactly IS a Siemens iQ Design Studio, some of you might be asking yourselves? It’s fairly simple, really; a Siemens iQ Design Studio is a kitchen provider marked for it’s excellence by Siemens personally, staffed by design experts with full training in the companies wide range of appliances, and are more then willing to work closely with their clientele during the design brief stage. Many retailers that are assigned iQ Design Studio status also have live cooking appliance demonstrations within their showrooms! In essence, a Siemens iQ Design Studio-certified kitchen company offers it’s customers a personal, easy, but no less professional service that is practically unrivalled in both customer satisfaction, and the quality of the end result.

5 Star Siemens iQ Design StudioWhat, exactly, does being a Siemens iQ Design Studio mean for Silke, and by proxy your experience with us? Well, for starters, it allows us unparalleled access to a number of Siemens incredible appliances, and a number of our kitchen packages include Siemens-branded Ovens, Fridges, and Dishwashers to name just a few of. Secondly, as briefly touched upon in the previous paragraph, our designers are fully trained in the operation and installation of the Siemens appliances we offer- and that’s on top of the fact that our designers are experts in the field of kitchen design, too. In addition, our dedication to supplying only the most cutting edge appliances (going hand in hand with our ultramodern design philosophy) puts us in similar standing with Siemens, who themselves offer some of the most cutting edge appliances on the market. You can not only trust that the design experience will be easy, friendly, and readily understandable, but you can also trust that the end result of all the work will be both stylish and functional, no matter the amount of space or budget you’re working with.

And finally, one of the features of our design phase is the use of an ultra realistic, top-of-the-line 3D modelling program that ensures the plans we make for your kitchen are as close to the end result as is physically possible. Pairing that with the benefits that come with being a Siemens iQ Design Studio, and it’s a no-brainer as to why so many people choose to work with us over other kitchen providers.

As stated in the initial paragraph, we are proud of many things and rightly so, we believe. But perhaps what we’re most proud of above anything else is that with us, the sum of our parts; the design, the range of appliances and worktops, and the services we offer, are not only fantastic on their own, but combine to create something truly phenomenal.

Recommended on Houzz

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At Silke we pride ourselves on many things. Our top quality, ultra modern, German style kitchens; our commitment to quality customer service, throughout all stages of the design and sale process; and having come as far as we have through a combination of hard work, and standing by our principles. Recently, as a result of all our hard work, we were very lucky to win a prestigious honour from Houzz Inc., as part of their Best of Houzz awards. The honour that we received from the company was their esteemed Recommended on Houzz badge

As we’ve briefly covered on the site before, Houzz is the leading online platform for home designers (amateur or professional), home owners, and home improvement specialists, providing an easy means to connect with each other. The Recommended on Houzz badge is awarded to companies based on the number and quality of recent customer reviews. One cursory glance at our customer reviews page, and I think you’ll see exactly why we won the award!

In addition, we have also been awarded another honour from the company, by way of a Recommended By Houzz badge. We were awarded the right to present this proudly on our front page due to being a highly rated company among Houzz’s userbase, which we think you’ll agree is no small achievement!

No honour is too small for Silke, so don’t take this as an excuse for us to rest on our laurels. We intend to continue the hard work and dedication and that lead to us receiving these esteemed honours for many years to come!

If you have any questions regarding the installation or design of your dream kitchen, and would like to speak to someone at Silke about either process in more detail, be sure to read out to us through our contact page for friendly help and advice.