Silke on Facebook

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Previously we brought you the enthralling news that we’re on Twitter and Instagram. You didn’t think we’d stop there, did you? Facebook now has the privileged of having Silke Kitchens on board!

Every social media outlet has various benefits unique to their platform. Twitter is exceptionally good for quick, simple communication; customer service for example is very effective using this method. Instagram’s benefits come in the form of showing off impressive images; we’ll readily admit its quite a vain platform, but it’s very fun we have to say.

Facebook, on the other hand, is particularly good for sharing longer form content. In other words, blogs… Much like this one. Discussion is a little bit more tricky, but that’s okay because Twitter has already proven itself king there.

Photos on Facebook are pretty good too; certainly higher resolution than most other sites, and various different aspect ratios are possible. No more squares like on Instagram!

Finally it’s worth mentioning videos. Facebook is quite possibly one of the very best platforms for video, second only to YouTube which we will cover later. For a quick, high quality video upload linked from our page there is no easier way. It also certainly helps that videos are given preferential treatment, which is great for getting views. No complaints there!

Silke Recognised by Houzz

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If there is one thing which helps boost the morale of your friendly neighbourhood kitchen designer, it is receiving positive feedback from an industry giant like Houzz. For those who aren’t aware, Houzz are one of the largest (if not the largest) social media sites dedicated to interior design, with a worldwide base of over 35 million users as of December 2015.

What is especially cool, is that we at Silke have scooped ourselves a couple of a coveted badges which help elevate our presence amongst the 800,000+ industry professionals currently active on the site. With 25 million unique visitors every month, this type of recognition really helps to spread word of the Silke experience.

Thanks to the kind words and ratings of our previous clients, we have maintained a very high profile on Houzz with a consistent level of 5 star reviews. This has earned us the Best of Houzz 2016 badge, of which we are very proud. In fact you can see this displayed prominently on our homepage.

Eagle eyed visitors will notice we also have a “Recommended on Houzz” badge, which symbolises our commitment to extremely high levels of customer service and professionalism throughout all of our designs and installations.

These accolades help to keep morale high at any business, with Silke being no exception. Here’s to 2017 being a successful year, building on the accomplishments of 2016! This is only the beginning!

Silke on Instagram

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The world of today is all about social media. Are you on Twitter? Got a Facebook? How about Pinterest? Surely you have a Houzz account?! For Silke the answer is usually yes, and now we’re on Instagram too!

We have to admit, this is probably our favourite out of the social sites and we absolutely love following people as passionate about home design as we are.

On Instagram the conversion may be in short supply, but as everybody knows a picture is worth a thousand words. When you check out our profile you’ll see this anecdote to be high accurate, as we pride ourselves on uploading a good number of inspirational photos; all taken by ourselves, of course!

If you’re into kitchens in a big way, why not follow us and join the conversation? We would be delighted to have you on board.

So what do we post? We thought you’d never ask. How about exquisite shots of the latest ovens, hobs, and dishwashers? We’ve got that. Candid photos from industry events and trade shows, showing the latest trends in kitchen design? Believe it or not, we’ve got that too!

To top it all off, we regularly upload designs, plans, renders, and installation snaps, too. All of these helps to give a true feel for the Silke experience. How about video? We’ve got some of that. Of course.

Come and follow us, we’re a friendly bunch always up for a chat!

Silke awarded with Cosentino Elite Honour

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As we’ve no doubt said many times here at Silke, we’re incredibly proud of our achievements and accomplishments. Despite being a family owned business operating in a market dominated by big businesses, we’ve managed to carve ourselves a more then modest niche as a provider of top quality, German-style modern kitchens, at very competitive prices and with phenomenal customer service to boot. Well, we’re very excited to say that yesterday, we won a very prestigious award in favour of those very achievements; the Cosentino Elite Honour!

Starting in 2015, the Cosentino Group began it’s Elite Honours list, a program that selects a number of it’s officially recognised Elite Design Studios and rewards them for their fully embracing the prestige of the name. This includes remaining loyal to and expressing genuine enthusiasm in the brands under the Cosentino name; these include Dekton, Silestone, and Sensa; staying ahead of the game with business models, promotions, and warranties that are as beneficial to the client as they are the company, and generally going above and beyond what is expected of them in the name of excellence.

Cosentino Elite Honour Award AcceptanceThe prize is nothing to sniff at either; representatives of the winners of this prestigious award (and their selected guests) were treated to a lavish meal, an evening of advice from interior designer Vanessa Brady OBE, and overnight stay at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, Raymond Blanc’s two-Michelin Star restaurant and hotel.

Needless to say, the Cosentino Elite Honour is not an easy award to win. Only 18 Elite Studios out of the hundreds tied with the Cosentino group are selected as winners, and winning it requires a not insignificant amount of hard work on behalf of the Elite Studio. Our winning of the Cosentino Elite Honour is therefor nothing short of, well, an honour, and it’s one we wear with great pride. In a market where competition is fierce and keeping at the forefront of the developments within it is challenging, we think winning this honour says a lot about the quality of the service and products we provide, and the business model we operate under.

Ah, but simply winning a Cosentino Elite Honour is one thing; uploading the qualities and values that lead to us winning the award in the first place is another. Well, thankfully, we also pride ourselves on two other qualities we haven’t mentioned yet; not resting on our laurels, and always standing up to a challenge. We intend to stand by the principals and practises that granted us this award, and will continue to provide the absolute best service for many years to come.

Silke loves Twitter

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Ever since we joined Twitter in May 2014, we have massively enjoyed following and experiencing the tweets of our customers, fellow designers, and industry professionals. We didn’t tweet much ourselves in the beginning, in fact, because the conversation was too captivating.

The addition of photos and video to the Twitter platform only increased our love. This year however, we’ve made a conscious effort to join in and I have to say it’s been a wonderful experience. Talking to customers, sharing design ideas, re-tweeting important industry news, and making liberal use of the love button!

One of our favourite experiences in 2016 was the live tweeting of Cosentino’s Elite Honour awards evening. We were one of 18 UK winners, being treated to food and conversation from some of the industry’s most interesting people. Folks like interior designer Vanessa Brady OBE, who we of course kept in contact with thanks to… You guessed it… Twitter.

For whatever reason, the platform has made a big name for itself in the realm of customer service. We are no exception, and a quick tweet our way is one of the best and quickest ways to get our attention. Whether to congratulate us on a job well done, to ask a question about finishes and colours, or to get help with appliances and gadgets. Whatever you need, we’re here to help!

Come tweet at us today, and live the Silke experience!

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