Behold this beautifully design kitchen and utility located on The Broadway, West Hendon area of London. Complimenting the ultra glossy floor surface are Leicht laminate doors in trademark Frosty White, paired with metallic plinths to create a clean and concise appearance.

All worktops sport the absolutely delicious looking Indian Black Polished Granite by Sensa, bespoke made and cut especially for this kitchen. The result is truly a sight to behold, and really makes the design the work of art that it is. As is standard with many high end kitchens, Blanco sinks and taps are featured here including the famous 3 in 1 hot tap in chrome.

Plenty of bright natural light streams in through the conservatory doors, as well as the huge skylight above the exquisite island located centrally. To fully complete this area of the kitchen, a modern looking chandelier is mounted above, offering oodles of light at all times of day, throughout the year.

As a five star Siemens iQ design studio, we of course recommend Siemens appliances and this Broadway, West Hendon design is no exception. This time our customer set their heart on the iQ 300 range, including ovens, hob, and dishwasher. Add in plenty of glass and you’ve got the finished article. Clean, functional, beautiful.